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SEASE Journal, a collection of stories from the sea and land, curated by Alberto Coretti - founder of Sirene Magazine - and narrated by our ambassadors. Immerse yourself in experiences that celebrate the beauty of untouched nature and adventure around the world. Feed your soul.

Together with Ginevra Rossini, founder of Riding Safari Club, SEASE travelled into the heart of the Mongolian steppe, exploring hidden territories alongside a semi-wild horse herd.

text by Alberto Coretti


❝ Before setting off, every ride has its own mood board created by a guide sent ahead. We are excited to discover real-life scenarios to collaborate with, such as SEASE, with whom we share values and visions. ❞

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Riding Safari Club



❝ Before setting off, every ride has its own mood board created by a guide sent ahead. We are excited to discover real-life scenarios to collaborate with, such as SEASE, with whom we share values and visions. ❞

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east asia


What's the Riding Safari Club?

It's a membership club that organizes equestrian experiences worldwide. We seek authenticity: we create our rides in collaboration with local operators to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the culture of the regions we visit. We carefully plan the journey moment by moment, tending to every detail as if it were a theatrical production, ensuring that the emotions reach those riding alongside us.

Riding a horse – is it about speed or slowness?

It's a method of travel that is certainly slow, allowing you to reconnect with nature through the movement of the horse.


What does the world reveal from the saddle of the horse?

On horseback or with camels, you climb mountains, cross rivers, and traverse deserts, reaching otherwise inaccessible places. You immerse yourself in nature firsthand, always as a protagonist. During our last ride in Africa, following the great migration, we were not mere spectators; when you're on horseback, you become part of it.

Why Mongolia?

Because to reach the heart of the Eurasian steppe, one of the most remote places on Earth, we had to take four flights. Because there are more horses than humans. Because waiting for us were the eagle hunters.

The Golden-Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

In the vast expanse of Mongolia, the tradition of eagle hunters, a millennia-old practice dating back to the era of Genghis Khan, thrives. These eagle hunters, the custodians of this heritage, capture and raise their raptors for seven years before releasing them. These majestic birds play a crucial role, especially during Mongolia's harsh winters when they hunt in snow-covered landscapes. Passed down through generations, this tradition reflects a profound connection between humans and nature. Our journey led us through their hunting grounds, and on the final day, we were their guests, where they introduced us to their venerable eagles, providing a remarkable glimpse into Mongolia's enduring legacy.

How many days and landscapes?


Which horses? 

The Mongolian horses are believed to be the ancestors of all other horse breeds. They never completely lose their wild nature because in winter, they are set free to return to their natural habitat, while in spring, they return to live alongside humans.

What rhythms did you have?

kilometers per day

What relationship did you have with your horse?

I had renamed him Genghis Khan. The most powerful experience was sharing life as part of a herd with him. While on horseback, you discover friendships, hierarchies, and all the dynamics of a group that you can try to lead but never to divide. Even the backup horses rode completely freely because they spontaneously followed the herd to which they felt they belonged.


The journey's challenges?

It consists of swampy terrains to navigate, wind-sheltered paths to choose, trust in the herd – because in the steppe, what's best for them is also best for you – but also mandatory pathways where you need to control and lead the horses.

What is your idea of travel, what truly makes you feel in another dimension?

When I no longer pick up the phone, when I am immersed in what I am doing. When I merge with the horse and feel that our hearts beat in unison.

Your Perfect Travel Companion

SEASE's backpack with a solar panel, which provided me with the energy I needed. Also, the Alon full-zip fleece which was providential during the freezing Mongolian nights.


A proud omission

For a week, I never slept in a bed, and I didn't miss it.

The Enduring Memory

We saw Mongolia through the eyes of our horses.

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